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This is a brief outline I pitched to Vic on how shtf would go down if ww3 were to start in the next few years. Vic suggested I write a book, so I outlined everything here, is a loose timeline, so I can build a plot around it, and develop a few characters based on the scenes I want to focus the story on. I apologize for the spelling, I haven’t quite gotten a hold on my new tablets touch screen But do me a favor, tell me if it’s something you would read and hit me with some feedback?

US troops leave Iraq with fragile government and growing insurgency

Iraqi general election, won by shii’a coalition

Terrorists bomb the swearing in of new prime minister

Attack traced back to Iranian paramilitaries group operating in eastern Iraq supporting the insurgency

Tensions rise as fledgling Iraqi government vowed to make Iran pay and proposes sanctions by the UN, enforced by US and Britain

US Navy blockades Iran to impose UN embargos

Attacks continue to increase in severity and frequency inside Iraq

Stung by the embargo’s Iranian troops begin openly operating in Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraqi government declares war on Iran, and hostilities escalate in western Iraq as Iranian troops surge across the border

A group of National Guardsman is ambushed by Iranian troops in eastern Afghanistan while on patrol 40 KIA

US news broadcasters recap the attack endlessly, calling for retaliation against Iran.

President declares that any Iranian troops in Afghanistan will be considered enemy combatants

Engagements with Iranian military become a daily affair for US troops in Afghanistan

Iranian agents begin instigating anti American/Iraqi attacks in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel

Israel retaliates by invading Palestine, Syria and Lebanon with devastating speed and violence defeating them completely in 3 days

Egypt puts its military on high alert expecting an Israeli attack

Offshoot groups of the Egyptian army, operating apart from the government, launch attacks on international peacekeeping troops in the Sinai Peninsula

US, British, Australian, Venezuelan, Chilean, and Israeli troops push back and engage Egyptian forces all across Egypt

Command of the rouge Egyptian troops traced back to Iran.

US UK Venezuela Chile Australia and Israel join Iraq in declaring war on Iran

US mobilizes its armed torches for redeployment to Iraq and Kuwait in support of “Operation Desert Eagle” the third glug war

101st Airborne and 75th Rgr regt stage in northern Iraq, while the 173rd and 82nd abn divisions stage in Baghdad, 4rd ACR, 4th ID, 1st ID, and 3rd ID join the Iraqi lines and halt the Iranian advance and start the push back into Iran, 25th ID 10th mountain, and 1st marine force recon rush to join the 26th Yankee bde NG and Navy PRT teams struggling to hold the line against Iranian troops in western Afghanistan. Ships from the pacific fleet rush to reinforce the blockade

An Russian stealth sub, crewed by fanatic Iranians sails under the American Fleet before launching the worst kamikaze attack in history by detonating it*s compliment of nuclear warheads, destroying 45 ships, including 3 aircraft carriers, all hands lost at sea.

A coup in Russia leaves communist generals in charge, and they invade Afghanistan to engage American forces and their Iranian allies

With US naval forces crippled and ineffective, china seizes the opportunity to move on the unprotected Taiwan, and reclaim the republic of china

In an attempt to create his own legacy in the wake of his father’s recent death, North Korea’s new leader, Kim Jong-un, sends the worlds 4 th largest standing army south to re unify Korea under his supreme leadership

The 2nd infantry division in South Korea initially takes heavy losses and is pushed back to Japan, unable to handle the sheer numbers brought on by NK’s advances

Pakistani Taliban forces finally manage to seize control of enough military instillations and missiles to present itself as a nuclear threat in the region; Indian forces launch a preemptive strike and launch surgical strikes against Pakistan’s missile locations, as well as a full scale ground invasion.

South American forces manage to defeat and hold Egypt, allowing allied shipments safe passage through the Suez cannal

Russia cointinues to pump troops into Afghanistan, while pressuring Poland to join its European invasion into the Baltic States, Italy, and Germany

Russian and polish forces joined by those of many former soviet states and quickly move through Greece and Italy, before being halted by Germany, joined by French and British forces, Spain sends troops to Italy and begin slowly pushing back the Russians with Italian guerrillas

Frustrated by mounting losses in Iraq, Israel decides to forego conventional tactics, and launches a small yield tactical nuke on Tehran, eliminating Iranian government leadership

Iranian military leaders respond with an all out chemical strike against allied forces in Iraq, American fa-18 hornets intercept the Iranian delivery planes, causing them to lose their payload over Iranian territory, causing massive collateral damage

American and Iraqi troops quickly advance to the ruins of Tehran and defeat the remnants of the Iranian military

Iraqi and Israeli forces take over the occupation of Iran, while American and British troops concentrate on fighting Russian and polish troops in Afghanistan, and Chinese and north Korean troops in south Korea, china occupies twain unopposed

Airborne troops launch an assault into Russia from Alaska, to open up a 3rd front against Russia

3 teams made up of the best American British and Israeli SpecOps troops drop behind enemy lines on missions to infiltrate Pyongyang, Beijing, and Moscow, to eliminate enemy leadership

Spanish and British troops are joined by American Marines in Italy, and push north, joining French and British forces, and ending the siege of Berlin.

Rallying German forces lead the allied forces pushing westward toward Poland and Russia

Allied SpecOps team launches assault on Pyongyang complex, killing North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un News turns the tide as North Korean soldiers mourn the death of Kim Jong-il and are pushed back to the Chinese border inside a week

American forces in eastern Russia move south into china, solidifying a combined front against china and Russia

SpecOps team in Beijing encounters fierce resistance after eliminating Chairman Hu Jintao, wiped out

Chinese politburo remains intact and functional after attack, and ceases all offensive operations while reexamining their position in the war

Chinese front develops into an informal cease fire and stalemate; American forces continue to push towards Moscow, to join other allied nations pushing from Germany

SpecOps team in Moscow thwarted, 7kia, 2 survivors fleeing through the city trying to evade capture by blending in with the local populace

French forces take Warsaw, Poland falls- us marines French British Spanish and German forces prepare to push into Russian territory, against a heavily dug in and bitterly persistent Russian army

Army rangers from 1/75th are re-tasked to southern Afghanistan, and start performing surgical strikes against al-Qaeda and Taliban strongholds in Pakistan, Indian forces are motivated by their aid and surge northward decimating the remains of the Pakistani military, without further nuclear action

Iraqi, Indian, Israeli and south American forces assume security of southeast Asia and northern Africa, while the US and Britain focus all of their assets on reinforcing the Russian fronts in Afghanistan, Europe and northeastern Russia

Allied forces embark on nonstop bombing campaign through Russia, preparing for the largest coordinated land invasion in history.

American subs surface in the arctic to unload waves of cruise missiles against critical Russian infrastructure

Americans and British troops push north from Afghanistan essentially splitting Russia in 2, us forces in the east quickly cover tie gap and consolidate before the drive for Moscow

3 weeks later European and American troops unite the fronts during the siege of Moscow, a 3 day bombing and mortar campaign which leads to the surrender of Russia and the rescue of two MIA Navy Seals who had been fighting their own small guerrilla war in Moscow for 6 months, both awarded the MOH

Us president delivers an ultimatum to china, no more American or allied troops will he lost in conflict, if china does not stand down, the United States will use nuclear force to end the conflict

A small skirmish erupts on the line, 12 us soldiers, and 27 Chinese killed

The president authorizes a nuclear strike against a Chinese military instillation in the western region of the country, over 40,000 Chinese soldiers perish

The Politburo sues for peace, china loses all territorial gains, Korea is unified under democracy, Iran occupied by us and British forces for reconstruction, emergency government established in Russia, NATO oversees security, Russian military dismantled, Israel assumes territory of Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Sinai, Egypt placed under Chilean and Venezuelan occupation, India absorbs Pakistani territory, American forces remain in Afghanistan, French, Spanish, and German governments consolidate rebuilding efforts in Germany, Italy, and eastern Europe.

China, Russia, and Poland assume all war debts and costs of allied nations

Finish with somber speech by president, at ceremony awarding MOH to the two SEALs who survived the operation in Moscow.

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